Fuel Your Day

Working out and eating well go hand in hand. Putting in your time at the gym or on the track is great but anyone with a six pack or ripped biceps will tell…

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Here’s How You Can Feel #Flawless in 22 Days

When queen B is not busy running the world she is launching her new 22 Days Nutrition plant- based home delivery meal service. Beyonce recently teamed up with her personal trainer, Marco Borges…

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Chicken, Chickpea, Kale and Spinach Soup

  Besides being an excellent vegan and gluten-free source of protein and fiber, Garbonzo Beans—also known as chickpeas—contain exceptional levels of iron, vitamin B-6 and magnesium. A one-cup serving of raw chickpeas provides…


The Magic of Matcha

If you haven’t already hopped onto the matcha train, you should consider getting onboard. Matcha is high in antioxidants, boosts memory and concentration, increases energy levels, enhances calm, and helps detox the body….

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Broccoli and Cherry Tomato Pasta Salad

  Makes 2 servings DRESSING: • 2 cups cooked KAMUT® pasta • 3 cups small broccoli florets • 1 1/2 cups sliced button mushrooms • 2 cups cherry tomatoes, havled • 1/2 cup…


March 18 Questions: Tim McEnery

Each month we ask a new eco-maven 18 questions about his or her life, occupation, and advice for other like-minded people. This month we were happy to connect with Tim McEnery founder and…


Go Green, Wear Green and Drink Green On St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day…The one day of the year where you get decked out in all green shirts and beads and drink lots of dyed green beer from packed Irish pubs. Well this year…

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Navigating the School Cafeteria: Turn Left for Broccoli

Going to college is a transition in every aspect. First comes the transition to school. This consists of longer classes, harder homework and heavier textbooks. Then comes the transition to real life. This…

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Sweet Spicy Avocado and Carrot Salad

  A simple, yet flavorful vegetarian/vegan salad. A delightful sweet, spicy and creamy mix of fresh cool avocado, chipotle roasted carrots and a lightly honey sweetened dressing.   SALAD • 1 cup KAMUT®…

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The best Foodie and Nutrition events to Attend in 2015

Now that the weather is getting warmer it is a great time to enjoy the best up and coming Nutrition and foodie events for 2015! Here are a few of the most popular…

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