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Top 18 Finds at the 2014 Fancy Food Show!

This past week our eco18 team visited the 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show! The day was filled with creative companies, cordial business owners, delicious foods, and exquisite packaging. By the end of the…

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National Grilling Month Recipes

July is National BBQ month and while most people think this means hot dogs, hamburgers and ribs, we have a new twist on typical BBQ food. Outdoor grilling opens up a vast cornucopia…

Sugar Detox

A Month Without Sugar – My Personal Experience

On June first, I quit sugar cold turkey. Full disclosure, I allowed myself fruit (but not fruit juice) and one “cheat” day. After 27 days clean, I can truly say it’s been a…

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Do you take butter with your coffee?

Instead of cream and sugar in your coffee, how about some butter? There is a food trend making headlines this year called Bulletproof coffee, or butter coffee, that many people are getting behind,…

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KAMUT® Wheat Carrot Cake Cookies

Is it a cookie, or is it a mini carrot cake?  Whatever it is, if you love carrot cake, this is a quick and easy way to get the same taste in minutes!…

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KAMUT® Wheat and Kale Salad

This hearty ancient grain and raw kale salad is a satisfying and delicious twist on the more traditional green salad. Packed with favor and nutrients, the creamy combination of feta and chewy KAMUT®… - Fortinbras

Organic Frozen Desserts to Cure Your Sweet Cravings

Ice cream and frozen yogurt are considered to be by most a guilty pleasure, but if it’s made with organic ingredients and natural flavors they aren’t as maleficent anymore.  If you want to…

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A Vegetarian Meal for Beginners – Butternut Squash Black Bean Spaghetti

Going meatless can seem rather daunting, especially if you’re like me and you’re a novice in the kitchen. As a vegetarian, I often struggle to find appetizing recipes that are appropriate for beginner…

Bananas Under Attack: Organic Recovery From Clone Wars

Most bananas we eat are clones grown in large plantations. Disease thrives under these conditions, however, and some of the tastiest and easiest-to-export bananas are at the highest risk. A family of banana…

Keep a Healthy, Balanced Diet by Taking Probiotics

Want to reduce bloating and have a healthy digestive system by balancing the bacterial growth in your body? Probiotics may do just that, and by either adding foods containing probiotics to your diet…

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