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Eco18 is a collective of creative writing individuals with a common goal—to live a healthier more natural lifestyle. From diverse backgrounds, cultures and interests, their combined expertise, humor and opinions will explore green and sustainable in a practical, fun way.

No judgments, no preaching just an exploration of doing a little bit, everyday to make our world a better, cleaner place for the generations to come. It’s a learning process for us all. We all want to do the right thing, but sometimes life just gets complicated.

We want to make things a little easier for you by introducing you to some of our favorite brands so you can check out products that share your values. The curated products we feature all have a story to tell, they are made with love and a desire to make a difference. The people behind the brands share our mission– to protect our Earth and its natural resources and respect the lives of every living thing.

There’s a lot we can do together…. Join us as often as you can…we love company!


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Sue Taggart- FounderEditor in Chief 

For a Brit transplanted from a rural area in Kent, living in New York City for over 25 years has certainly presented it challenges. Life came full circle with a weekend refuge in the Catskill Mountains that is certainly closer to my original “home” than my city apartment will ever be.  I’m blessed I now have the best of both worlds. A serious health issue in my mid-thirties gave me pause to really think about whether allopathic medicine was my best option. Turned out it was not. Life has a really strange way of nudging you in the right direction if you are open to change.

Trinidad Id-  Fashion Editor

Trinidad is a Fashion Stylist and Blogger from Santiago de Chile and holds an American Passport as she was born in Chicago. Trini has a four and a half years Marketing Degree and has been working as a Fashion Stylist and Blogger for the past five years. Trini later went on to complete her studies at Parsons and ICP. Alongside this, Trini has runway coordination experience, most recently including the Lupe Gajardo show for the NYFW F/W 2015 at Lincoln Center. She is highly proficient with social media platforms having operated her blog for 5+ years. Trini affronts life and work in a very pro-active way with a positive attitude and enthusiasm.

Shauna Willetts- Editor

Shauna, a recent graduate of Elon University, was born and raised on the coast of North Carolina before moving to Brooklyn, New York. Growing up on the coast meant growing up in, near, or around the water. While her passion lies in writing, she’s also passionate about anything connected to nature and being outside, particularly near the ocean. In the city you can find her skating around, visiting local coffee shops or escaping to the coast. Shauna finds ocean conservation extremely important and works to raise awareness to keep our oceans clean!

Jillian Chertok- Lifestyle Editor

Jillian is a PR specialist and works with clients in the healthy lifestyle space, many of whom have organic and/or natural products, which is how she came to develop a greater interest in the eco space. When she’s not working, you can find Jillian at brunch, the gym, or curled up on the couch with a book or catching up on her favorite TV shows with her cats Titan and Zeus.

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