5 Sustainable Brands to Buy this National Cocoa Day

by Sierra Winters

Chocolate and cocoa powder are essential to the holiday season. Without them, there would be no Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, Peanut Butter Blossoms, or M&M Cookies. There would be no hot cocoa to drink while watching festive movies or peppermint patties to snag from the office candy jar. 

But in the spirit of the holidays, we should also commit to spending our dollars on well-sourced cocoa products. We owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to the environment. Here are 5 brands to get you started:

5 Sustainable Brands to Buy this National Cocoa Day

  1. Alter Eco – Committed to organic, regenerative agriculture, Alter Eco prides themselves on going above and beyond fair trade standards. They are also carbon neutral and low/no waste. Shop their bars and truffles for a real treat.
  1. Endangered Species Chocolate – Learn about endangered species inside each bar’s wrapper, or buy their baking chips to make your aunt’s famous cookie recipe. Whether you’re a milk or dark chocolate fan, this brand has plenty of varieties from which to choose. Espresso Beans and Peppermint Crunch are our favorites!
  1. Equal Exchange – If you’re looking for high-quality drinking cocoa, your search ends here. Equal Exchange doesn’t just offer fair trade, organic cocoa powder to fill your cup; they offer a variety of flavors like Maple, Dark, and Spicy. Get ready to break out the marshmallows!
  1. Beyond Good – You’ve got to admit that Lenny the Lemur is the cutest brand mascot! Beyond Good offers single-origin chocolate bars and chocolate chips. They even have single-serving chocolates that make great stocking stuffers, as well as vanilla beans and vanilla extract for all that holiday baking left to do.
  1. Theo Chocolate – Chocolate is more satisfying when eaten in large squares, don’t you agree? We love their festive varieties, like Nutcracker Brittle and Milk & Cookies, in addition to their classic flavors and their chocolate cups (like Reese’s Cups, but better). Need baking chocolate? They offer three different bars explicitly designed for that purpose.

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