5 Sustainable Trends to Watch in 2024

by Lisa Guay

Last year left behind an indelible mark with extreme weather events and sweeping regulatory shifts that will shape the course of 2024. Following are five pivotal sustainable trends set to influence our eco-conscious actions in the coming year.

1. Spotlight on Corporate Oversight

A heightened scrutiny is being placed on how companies report and manage their carbon emissions. Ingenious methods to skirt full disclosure are no longer viable. The trend calls for corporate transparency, as stakeholders demand a clear understanding of the emission reduction strategies employed, particularly with joint ventures and subsidiaries. This year, expect to see companies taking a more honest approach, highlighting their successes, but also the truthful challenges in their sustainability journeys.

2. Managing AI: The Basics Still Matter

AI’s infiltration into our daily lives is undeniable. In 2024, its management becomes increasingly critical, demanding deep dives into risk assessment and ethical considerations. Companies will have to draw upon robust frameworks to ensure AI’s integration aligns with the best practices of responsibility and security. The coming year will undoubtedly reveal the strides we’ve made in harmonizing AI with humanity’s best interests.

3. Supply-Chain Due Diligence Becomes the Law

The intricate web of global supply chains is under the microscope like never before. Companies can no longer hide behind the excuse of ignorance regarding their supplier’s practices. Accountability is becoming mandatory, as legal due diligence requirements begin to clamp down on every tier of production. In 2024, comprehensive traceability will be the name of the game, as businesses strive to preserve their reputation by ensuring ethical conduct throughout their supply chain.

4. More Corporate Climate Disclosures

With inflation and rising input costs, the tempest of economic pressures may urge companies to take a step back on their climate commitments. However, this year, vigilance is paramount. More than ever, detailed climate disclosures will be crucial to distinguishing genuine efforts from superficial pledges. Companies with veritable action plans will stand out, pushing the envelope on genuine sustainability practices.

Hands holding soil with a lightbulb growing out of it.

5. Investing in Nature

2024 is the year where investment and nature conservation converge in a meaningful way. Recognizing that economic prosperity is tied to our planet’s well-being, companies and investors are exploring innovative financing models like debt-for-nature swaps. These initiatives will support biodiversity and offer a blended return model that will incentivize nature-focused investments.

The road ahead is paved with commitments and compliance, innovation and introspection. The goal is not just to endure but to thrive within the boundaries of what our environment can sustain. Whether you’re a policymaker, an investor, or a concerned citizen, keep these 5 Sustainable Trends to Watch in 2024 in your purview as you contribute to the collective effort to shape a greener, more sustainable future. Remember, every step towards sustainability is a step towards securing the well-being of generations to come.

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