Honey, Walnut, and Date KAMUT® Loaf

We found this recipe on Sauce Magazine and it’s a  perfectly delicious recipe for Honey Month. Try it, the secret ingredient is the addition of the KAMUT® wheat berries mixed right into in the dough!


¼ cup KAMUT® berries, uncooked
2 cups KAMUT® whole-wheat flour, plus extra for dusting
1 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
1/3 cup finely chopped dates (plus an extra tablespoon for topping)
1/3 cup finely chopped walnuts
4 tbs honey
½ cup + 3 tbsp  apple juice


• Soak the KAMUT® berries overnight in 2 cups of water. Drain, rinse and set it aside. 
• Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. 
• In a medium bowl, combine the KAMUT® flour, salt and baking powder. Stir in the dates, walnuts and KAMUT® berries
• In another bowl, combine the honey and apple juice. Stir into the flour mixture.
• On a lightly floured surface, knead the dough until firm, about 3 minutes.
• Shape the dough into a round, then flatten it to about a 2 inches oblong shape. Bake for 25 minutes in a loaf tin.

Let cool and drizzle with extra honey for serving.

Sue Taggart

As a child growing up in Kent “The Garden of England”, I thought that every family grew their own vegetables. I would help my grandfather in the garden and loved pulling potatoes and carrots out of the soil. These early experiences have given me a great appreciation for where our food comes from and a discerning palette for fresh, seasonal produce. As an avid reader, writing and storytelling is a passion that has only deepened over the years together with a growing concern for the health of our oceans and planet. We are facing serious issues with climate change and the clock is ticking…so it’s up to all of us to nurture and protect our home planet.