Volkswagen ​Provides​ A More Sustainable ​Life For Consumers

by Dennis Machicao

Volkswagen, the German automobile giant, has come a long way from its iconic two-door “VW bug” design of years past. It is now going full throttle into sustainable motoring and consumer’s everyday life.

In the process in developing a new green energy supply division, “Volkswagen Energy Supply Division” situated in Berlin, the company has established a new consumer brand, Elli- short for Electric Life to address a more pollution free life for consumers bringing emission-free electric vehicles mainstream and offering consumers CO2 neutral power from renewable sources for their day-to-day living.

With plans to invest $39 billion, their goal is to provide an all-electric vehicle inventory for consumers and also provide the same inventory for fleet owners. I

In doing so, VW is establishing domestic EV (electric vehicle) charging solutions called “Wallboxes” so consumers can charge their cars at home and energy management systems for consumers deriving hydroelectric power from Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria.

If a consumer has a Wallbox in his garage or carport, he can let his neighbors charge their cars for a fee. Drivers on the go will also be able to charge their vehicles in public places by paying with a charge card.

By 2020 all of VW’s 4000 dealerships and service partners in Europe will be supplied with charging equipment. Expanding beyond the continent, VW announced that it would partner with Pod Point to deliver 2400 EV chargers at Tesco car parks up and down the UK.

With Volkswagen’s new Energy Supply Division it is committed to bringing a more sustainable life for all consumers by providing renewable energy woven in the fabric of everyday life.

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