10 Sustainable Fashion Brands to Support This Fashion Day

by Sierra Winters

Sustainable fashion begins with limiting our clothing purchases to only that which we need and that which brings us true joy. But fashion aficionados need not fear; by spending money mindfully and intentionally, we can support our communities and mitigate our environmental footprints. In honor of Fashion Day, we’ve compiled a list of ten sustainable fashion brands that deserve a place in your closet. Thank you for shopping responsibly!

  1. Lady Nada Organics: Tie dye never goes out of fashion, but you can up your game with organic fabrics and botanical dyes that do not harm your body or the environment. You can purchase socks, dresses, bralettes, and even made-to-order products from this grassroots shop.
  2. Everlane: One of the largest sustainable fashion brands, this clothing line is designed for all genders and includes accessories! Their values are not only rooted in the environment, but also in human rights. You can find them in brick-and-mortar shops as well as online.
  3. tentree: As the name suggests, for each product purchased, ten trees are planted. This brand also offers a program called climate+, where customers can purchase carbon offsets. You can choose where you want your trees to be planted (mangroves, boreal forests, etc.) and understand the extent to which individual activities (such as celebrating a birthday or surfing the internet) elevate carbon emissions.
  1. Girlfriend Collective: This brand turns recyclable material into clothing that fits all body types. They use eco-friendly dyes and offer a $15 store credit for returning their clothing after it has been used.
  2. Patagonia: Perhaps the largest brand to advocate for sustainability, Patagonia is uniquely engaged with political activism and community organization. They also provide grants to grassroots organizations. Their clothing is specially built for active people who find themselves frequently outdoors.
  3. Sunny Life Hats: It’s the summer, and you need a new hat…so why not choose one made of hemp? With multiple styles to suit your taste, this company partners with farmers and artisans in Nepal to ethically produce hats from start to finish.
  1. Outerknown: If you are into Californian fashion, Outerknown is the brand for you. They have many products available, but their OK Ten line curates ten “essential” pieces of clothing each for men and women. The idea is that with these ten pieces of clothing, you won’t need anything else in your closet! Like Girlfriend Collective, Outerknown offers a program where customers can send in old clothes for recycling.
  2. Allbirds: What is everyday fashion or athleisure without a good pair of shoes? Allbirds are unbelievably comfortable and breathable, and they are made from materials like sugarcane, trees, and wool.
  3. prAna: This brand caters to active individuals and has been around since 1992. By 2004, they had begun to use organic cotton and hemp, and in 2022, they also started using recycled cotton. No plastic is used in shipping, and they are committed to protecting animal welfare.
  4. Reformation: With very high standards for material fibers and sustainable production, Reformation offers unique clothing options, from everyday wear to wedding attire. They also offer bags and shoes!

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