The Ultimate Tomato Bread

by Sue Taggart

As summer begins to wind down, there are still fabulous ripe heirloom tomatoes to be found at your local farmers market. This colorful, simple and utterly delicious way of serving just two main ingredients will get you rave reviews!

Tomato bread

It takes five minutes – and depending on how large a loaf you begin with will dictate how many tomatoes you will need.

Makes 4 servings:

– 1  medium size rustic loaf – I particularly like sourdough

– 2 (each) large ripe red heirloom tomato, yellow and green, cut into ¼” slices

– freshly ground pepper

– sea salt


Preheat the grill to medium

Cut the loaf in half lengthwise

Brush cut sides liberally with the EVOO and put oil side down on the grill to toast.

When nice and brown remove and arrange tomato slices in colors along the bread. A good amount of salt and pepper to taste … that’s it…enjoy!

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