Good for the Earth, Good for the Soul Hobbies

by Guest Writer

Everyone enjoys spending his or her downtime with a pleasurable and leisurely activity. However, some of these activities harm the environment. It is time to take up an eco-friendly hobby that both you and the earth can appreciate!

Knitting and Crocheting
Whether you knit or crochet as a form of relaxation or you are treating a loved one (or yourself) to a homemade blanket, bag, necklace, or whatever cute creation you can think of, knitting and crocheting are fun and green ways to pass time. Just make sure to use recycled or natural items for your projects! WE ARE KNITTERS sells fabulous, thick wool that is 100% natural and is available in a vast selection of colors. Their site also provides video tutorials and free patterns—some of my favorite patterns are the American flag and a stool cover. Check out their blog for more knit-spiration!

Self-expression through paint is good for the soul and the earth when you use alternative bases instead of the typical canvas. Old cardboard will add an interesting texture, and cloth or scrap wood will give your piece a cool and natural vibe. Glass is also a beautiful base—upcycle mason jars or wine bottles! You can even make ornaments or coasters by paining old CDs. One time I painted my old toy guitar, transforming the out-of-tune dust collector into a beautiful piece of art that hangs on my wall! The options are endless, so think outside of the box and be green by turning yesterday’s garbage into today’s artwork!

What better equipment to workout is there than your body? Ditch the machines and exercise both your mind and your body through breath control, simple meditation, and bodily poses. All you need is yourself and the earth for this soothing practice that’s both relaxing and rejuvenating. Yoga improves flexibility, strength, posture, breathing, and stress levels and is good for your heart! Practice at home or outside, or find a class that you like. Keep an eye out for free yoga events around your area. Who doesn’t want to learn how to do a headstand on the beach or at a local park for free?

Cooking and Baking
We need food to live so why not take this everyday necessity and turn it into an exciting and gratifying adventure with cooking! Preparing your own food allows you to stay aware of what you are putting into your body while ensuring that your taste buds will be jumping with joy at each nutritious and delicious bite. It is also rewarding and a great way to unwind. But don’t forget dessert! Baking is calming and the mouthwatering smells alone can lift your spirits. And fear not because baking can be healthy! For starters, use olive oil instead of butter. Agrovim makes great olive oil and the production methods even respect the environment! So stay green and healthy, be creative, and bake, bake, bake!

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