August Pet of the Month: Lucy

by Guest Writer

Name: Lucy

Parents: Nicole Tomasso (single mother)

Breed: Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

Age: about 5 1/2 years

Size: TINY (about 3 pounds)

Diet: Puperoni and dry dog food

Funny Habit: Burrowing under the blankets until she gets lost. It’s all fun and games until she can’t find her way out. Then she starts barking and thrashing until eventually someone finds her and untangles her.

Favorite Toy: A pink stuffed bunny that’s even bigger than she is. Lucy loves nothing more than dragging that bunny on top of your feet until you feel obligated to play tug of war with her.

Adorable Eccentricity: Anytime someone comes home, especially after being out for a long length of time, Lucy greets them by jumping up a foot in the air, barking, and then immediately running to her food bowl.

Dislikes: Being thrown in the pool, being left alone, and going for early morning walks.

Things that make her tail wag: Running around the backyard, eating loudly in the middle of the night, sleeping in late, and having her belly rubbed.

Funny story: Even though Lucy is a small dog, she will not hesitate to take as much room on the bed as she possibly can. One time I got up for 2 minutes to go to the bathroom and I come back to find her sprawled out in the middle of the bed on her back looking like a true diva and expecting a belly rub.

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