Tasting Tuesday: Try These 8 Healthy Snacks When You’re Traveling

by AimeeMiller

Life is busy, especially if you travel a lot! It can be hard to stay on top of your health and keep a well-balanced diet. Whether you’re traveling by car, train, or plane, these snacks will always have your back!

  • Popcorn Chips, like Skinny pop! An easy snack that you can grab and go, throw it into your carry on and you’ll be set! A healthier alternative to potato chips or even regular popcorn.
  • Trail Mix, you can either buy or make your own, but this healthy treat will hold you over until your next meal and it’s easy to pack into your purse or carry on!
  • Bars, whether it is your favorite protein bar, fruit and nut bar, or granola bar, this is a good snack to have on hand when hunger hits.
  • A Sandwich, nut butter and jam sandwiches are especially tasty and will even pass through airport security!
  • Salad, make sure to put the dressing on first so you don’t have to deal with an issue of liquids in security!
  • Dried Fruit is easy to travel with because they’re easy to put in a container or a bag and won’t spoil.
  • Sliced Vegetables are easy to travel with and give off plenty of nutrients!
  • Apple Chips which can be homemade and baked in cinnamon to make for a tasty, yet healthy snack!

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