How H&M’s Conscious Collection Is Revolutionizing Sustainable Fashion

by eco18

H&M, a brand known worldwide, is leading with innovative and important breakthroughs in sustainable fashion. The future of fashion is changing and H&M is leading the fight for a healthier planet. The Conscious Collection features fashion and designs that are good for the environment and easy on your wallet. Due to its size and influence on the fashion world, H&M is constantly putting pressure on other brands to clean up their act. Most people assume that shopping sustainably is expensive and hard to do, but in reality, it’s not. H&M is proving that every consumer can shop sustainably and know that they are having less of a negative impact on the planet with each purchase.

It is no secret that the behind the scenes of mass clothing production can be messy and unethical, however, more and more brands are attempting to change. H&M has made many advancements in the production and distribution of their products, from factory conditions and workers’ wages, to what materials and textiles are used. For example, H&M reported that their new Conscious Exclusive Collection only uses 100% regenerated nylon fiber and recycled silver, according to their April 2018 report. The move towards a circular business model will simultaneously promote the recycling and reuse of old products, while also decreasing the number of textiles in landfills worldwide. The Conscious Collection is made up of fashionable, timeless staple pieces for your closet. Knowing your favorite piece of clothing is made from recycled material and good for the environment will undoubtedly make you feel good too. Next time you are out shopping at your local mall, head into H&M and explore their sustainable fashion collection, Conscious, for yourself.

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