Importance of Purchasing Cruelty-Free Products

by Valentina Lombardo

What exactly does cruelty-free mean, and why is it so important to be conscious of it when purchasing products? Over 115 million animals are being used for animal testing worldwide. What people don’t know is that in 2018, there are other options and it can be avoided. This goes to say that the companies that do test on animals are choosing to be cruel instead of taking the other route. There are no excuses! Many argue that they need to be tested on animals in order to ensure a safe product for humans; however, companies have the option to choose from a list of ingredients that are already proven to be safe.

So why not choose from the list and save the animals, you may ask? Well, it’s to make a profit. Animals are tortured, blinded and essentially killed. These poor creatures live a life filled with fear. Lab animals are not protected from animal abuse and cruelty, but lab animals ARE animals and should be treated as such. This includes bunnies, cats, dogs, and mice. Based on statistics, 67,772 dogs and 24,221 cats were used in animal testing in the United States. These are the same animals that we love, care for and treat as a family. It’s important for people to understand what goes on behind the scenes of the products they consume and make informed decisions. You can be a part of the solution! Not only are you going to be saving animals, cruelty-free products means safer for you, too. Chances are they don’t contain any toxic chemicals that can potentially harm your body.

Now that you’re aware of the harm these animals are put through, we can only hope you’ll make a smart decision the next time you go to Sephora for new makeup! You too can be a part of this movement to help make the world a more humane, kinder place for everyone. To make it easier for you, we wanted to share some of our favorite makeup cruelty-free brands below.

Kat Von D Beauty

Too Faced

Urban Decay

Anastasia Beverly Hills

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