Sustainable Beauty Trends

by Juliette Baumann

As new technology continues to emerge and our environment suffers from the use of our toxic products, this year is all about mindfulness! The beauty industry has grown increasingly aware of the need for sustainability and many brands are taking a stand to reduce their carbon footprint. Here are some of the top sustainable beauty trends for 2019! 

  • Environmentally Conscious Packaging Strategies- As a whole, the beauty industry is working to cut down on emissions, which includes developing new ways to pack their products in a way that is more environmentally friendly. Lush Cosmetics is at the forefront of innovation with a creative solution they have deemed ‘naked packaging’ by developing products that are in bar form, which does not necessarily need packaging! 
  • New Product Developments- Water is the beauty industry’s most commonly used ingredient. In an effort to lower their supply of water, cosmetics companies are developing new ‘dry’ products that do not require water, such as powdered cleansers and dry sheet masks. L’Oréal, a major cosmetics company has committed to a 60 percent reduction in their water consumption per finished product over the course of a 15-year span.
  • Minimalistic Routines-One of the most important parts of practicing a sustainable lifestyle is being less wasteful of the products you have. With the goal being to use less product, new lines are being developed that will allow your beauty routine to consist of fewer items that will contain higher concentrations of effective ingredients.
  • Industry Transparency- This has been on the horizon over the past decade, but consumers are continuing to grow more knowledgeable about toxins and how they can have an effect on our overall health. People are taking a look at what their favorite products contain and are asking their preferred brands the right questions. In asking the right questions, cosmetic brands are becoming more transparent about what their products contain, and they are making a conscious effort to make necessary changes in order to keep consumers happy. 

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