Change Brought me a More Balanced and Healthy Life

by eco18

I have always been interested in ways to live a healthier life. Since I was very young, I remember playing sports and exercising. I usually opted for healthy foods—baked chicken over fried or limiting white bread and not eating too many desserts. What I’m most excited about now is that I understand even if I haven’t followed a perfectly balanced and healthy lifestyle, I can always improve.

For some time I lost my passion for exercising. Between my long hours of work, the commute and sometimes even the weather, I lost interest for that important part of my life balance. But, now, I’m happy to report that I’m getting it back and it wasn’t something I consciously planned for it. This is how it happened.

Change is always good

Work has always been a big part of my life. I’ve worked since I was 14 years old and will not get into the details of my current age, but it’s been a while! I don’t consider myself a workaholic but yet, working is part of my balance. Although we can’t really control many of the outcomes of our life, after five years in my old job, I left and things started changing.

I now work in the health and wellness industry and – although still learning- I have started swapping foods and trying new things like Kamut wheat, a healthy ancient grain that is not only recognized for improving a variety of chronic health conditions, including a reduction of metabolic risk factors in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, positive benefits to people with type 2 diabetes, and benefits protecting against oxidative stress and inflammation. But it is also delicious!  I have been preparing Kamut grain salads instead of using rice as the usual companion to my meals. I’ve discovered Kamut pastas, crackers, and all-purpose flour, which I started using for my breakfast crepes.

I have also learned about supplements, probiotics, more natural treatments for a personal issue—psoriasis and the fact that by changing bad food habits the risk for cognitive decline can be prevented, and in some cases even reversed.

My commute has been upgraded, and this is a huge thing for us New Yorkers. I now can even take the ferry home and enjoy my favorite element: water.  And as if it couldn’t get better, I switched gyms. For years I belonged to the same gym. I came up with so many excuses not to go that it’s not even funny. I understand why they still called me to ask what they could do to get me back. Well, nothing actually, because I found a gym near my office and I started swimming and taking an amazing BootCamp class that is really showing benefits very fast.

What started as a job change, has actually turned out to be the catalyst of many other new and exciting opportunities that have impacted my overall health and life and I love it!

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