Simplicity Day | Easy and Eco-Friendly Ways to Simplify Your Life

by Lieve Falck-Pedersen

We’ve all experienced it—that overwhelming feeling of an overly hectic life. As today is Simplicity Day, eco18 thought we would share our favorite ways to reduce our stress levels, and simplify our lives in easy and eco-friendly ways…


Meditation: One of our favorite ways to start the day off right, is by meditating. Not only does this ancient practice clear your mind and help you rid yourself of any outside stresses, it also helps center and ground yourself. During this time before you get up and get ready for the day, just remember that everything is going to be ok, and that you are the one in control of your outlook on life and your attitude towards the world.


Monthly De-Cluttering and Donations: I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest causes of stress for me is being surrounded by clutter and by things that I just don’t use or need. So, once a month I find it helpful to go through my belongings and look at what I actually use, and what is covered in dust. While shopping and getting new things is definitely cathartic and can make us feel momentarily better, in the end overspending and over shopping can just lead to an even more overwhelming life. One of our favorite tips over here at eco18 and decluttering our closets is this: when putting your clothes away, hang them backwards, then when you wear something and put it back on the hanger, hang it straight. This way, at the end of the month, you can go through your clothes and see what you haven’t touched over the past four weeks. Any goods that you don’t need or use can be donated to local shelters, Goodwill, or even sold to consignment stores.


Healthy Eating: While we aren’t going to define “healthy,” as there are so many opinions and beliefs that everyone is entitled to, we are going to recommend cutting out processed foods in an attempt to not only fuel your body with only the best, but also to cut down on your garbage. Packaged foods can be great for convenience, but are often filled with chemicals and preservatives that aren’t exactly the right kind of way to start your day. So instead of your sugary pastry from a bag, by enjoying a piece of fruit or even making your own granola bars, you will know that your body is getting only the best, and that you aren’t harming the planet with the excess packaging—because trust us, all that plastic adds up!


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our favorite ways to simplify your life and do good for the world we live in! So take a deep breath, and remember everything is going to be fine!

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