Salad Niçoise

by Sue Taggart

Otherwise known as a combination Mediterranean salad, this wonderful salad can be arranged any way the mood takes you and makes a great summer meal with a fresh, crusty baguette! It reminds me of the South of France and I can hear Julia Child in my head as I toss the ingredients together and pour the wine….Bon Appetite!

Serves 6

2 cups     cooked, cold green beans- haricot vert the small French Beans are the best

6              hard boiled eggs, peeled and quartered

2             cans tuna in chunks, or you can use fresh seared tuna

3-4           vine ripened tomatoes cut into chunks (or 20 cherry tomatoes)

1               Boston lettuce, separate leaves, wash, drain and dry

3 cup       baby potatoes cooked, cold and cut in half

1 cup       pitted black olives

12           canned anchovy fillets, drained

French Dressing:

This is Classic Julia! Not to be confused with an American style “French Dressing,” this is a traditional French Vinaigrette.

4 tbsp    good wine vinegar

½ tsp     salt

12 Tbs   olive oil

½ tsp     dry mustard

½ tsp     black pepper

Put all the ingredients in a screw top jar and shake vigorously for 30 seconds to thoroughly blend.

For the final touch, you can add one tablespoon of minced green herbs to the dressing before serving – parsley, chives, tarragon, basil, whatever you have to hand—or a teaspoon of dried herbs.

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