Recycled Jewelry Is a Girl’s Best Friend

by Beth Hurtubise

Ever wonder what happened to all the typewriters once computers took over the typing world? Well, some artists are saving typewriter parts from their landfill doom by including them in jewelry. Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, broaches and more are now made from the letters, symbols and commands that peppered the seemingly antique typing devices. They have caught on and are now a trendy accessory in cities around the world. This got me thinking. What other items headed to the landfill could be repurposed into jewelry?

Old silverware – there are a number of different ways to bend spoons and forks to create bracelets, rings and more. Here’s a how to video on how to use the handle of a spoon to make a great-looking pendant for a necklace: video by Shaviq Designs.

Coins – Didn’t have time to visit the currency exchange on your last trip abroad? Use your leftover coins to create unique jewelry pieces by drilling small holes and stringing them with wire or string. Some coins already have a hole in the middle, making it even easier: how to make your own coin jewelry.

Buttons – Get creative by using string, ribbon, thread, wire or even yarn to sting up a group of buttons, creating any type of jewelry you can imagine. These pieces can be as bright and colorful as the buttons you choose. Here’s a quick instructional video to get you started: how to make button jewelry.

Broken China – We’ve all dropped plates, cups and bowls, scooping up the remains as quickly as possible and dumping them in the garbage. Next time this happens, pick out some of the bigger pieces and save them for a do it yourself jewelry project: how to make broken china jewelry.

These are just a few ideas I came up with. Look around your home to find additional inspiration and items to use in your next jewelry project and let us know what masterpieces you create!

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