Chicken Pomodoro

by Sue Taggart

Lovely presentation, delightful fresh flavor and so easy to make!

Serves 2:—could serve four for a lighter meal

4           thin cut chicken cutlets wel dusted with seasoned flour

2 tbsp  olive oil

1/4 c    vodka

1/2 c    low-sodium chicken broth

2 tbsp  fresh lemon juice

1/2 c    fresh, chopped organic tomatoes

1/2 c    heavy cream

1/3 c    chopped scallions (use the green parts too) for garnish

Season the flour with salt and pepper and dust the cutlets with the flour. Warm the oil in a pan and sauté the cutlets until cooked through. Transfer the cutlets to a platter and keep warm. Pour any excess oil from pan and then glaze with the vodka, away from the heat, then cook until vodka is nearly gone. Add the chicken broth and lemon juice. Return the cutlets to the pan and cook each side one minute. Transfer cutlets to a warm serving platter. Add the cream and tomatoes to the pan to finish the sauce. Heat through and pour over the cutlets then garnish with the scallions.

I like to serve this with steamed baby potatoes and broccolini and a chilled, crisp white wine.

You may want to double up on the recipe, people always come back for a second helping and it’s a great dish to reheat if there are any leftovers. Enjoy!

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