NYC Guide to Meditation

by Sara White

How does one relax in the city that never sleeps? New York City’s non-stop, hustle and bustle atmosphere never seems to take a breather- but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! Practicing meditation is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety, relieve stress and help you live a more compassionate, energized and mindful life. Learning how to unwind, breathe and relax in the midst of everyday chaos will put your mind, body and soul at ease. So, how do you get started? We’re here to help. Here is our guide to help you find the best meditation spots in NYC!


With studios in Greenwich Village, the Upper East Side and Williamsburg, MNDFL is one of the trendiest meditation spots in New York City. With the simple mission of “enabling humans to feel good,” MNDFL provides a myriad of meditation classes for anyone looking for a way to de-stress and become more in tune with their mind and overall wellbeing! Classes vary from 3o minutes to an hour, and are all based on different themes and main objectives. Beginners should try out their MNDFL 101 class, where their Chief Spiritual Officer, Lordo Rinzler, provides insight and guidance regarding the basics of meditation and the multiple types of meditation that they offer. Other sessions include classes that focus on breathing, sleeping, energy levels, compassion, and learning how to conquer overwhelming emotions. These classes aim to help you to declutter your mind of any negativity, and work to help you live life more consciously. Find your “space to breathe” and book your cushion here!





“Close your eyes and begin to see” at INSCAPE, located on West 21st Street between 5th and 6th Ave! INSCAPE was created with the intention to help you unearth your best self through inspirational and empowering meditation. Their classes, which include multi-sensory light, sound, and scent features, will connect your mind with your surroundings- allowing you to find the healthy balance between inner peace and life’s demands. Founded by Khajak Keledijian, the creator of the renown designer brand INTERMIX, INSCAPE seeks to provide members with an immersive meditation and relaxation experience. INSCAPE’s “meditation experience” classes range from mindfulness, mantra, visualization and focus classes, and their “relaxation experience” classes focus on deep sound, deep breathing or deep rest.

If you can’t make time to go to one of their classes, download their app: “Inscape: Guided Meditation, Mindfulness & Sleep” in the app store! Anyone ranging from beginners to experts can meditate at their own convenience- “Inscape anytime, anywhere!”

Check them out here.



The Path

Founded by Dina Kaplan in 2014, The Path is one of the coolest and most unique meditation services offered in New York City! After cofounding the media platform, Kaplan fell victim to years of unbearable stress, endless workdays and the battering pressures that come with New York’s work culture. She quit her job and went on a two-year journey around the world, discovering the beauty and power of meditation. When she returned, she founded The Path with the mission to teach meditation “to the modern mind.” The Path’s classes focus on compassion, mindfulness, mantra and energy, and the coolest part is that there is no set location for where these classes will be held. The destination of the classes is constantly changing, making this an exciting community to be a part of! Become more relaxed, aware and focused. Join today!



Happy Breathing 🙂

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