January Pet of the Month: Riley

by Patty

Name: I go by Riley or Riley Roo, although I’ll come running whenever there is food around if you call my name or not.

Breed: No one is really sure but my dad thinks I’m a Boxer Pitt Bull mix.

Age: 2.5

Size: My mom says I’m ‘Big Boned’ whatever that means.

Diet: Mostly dry Science Diet food but I’ll eat pretty much anything.  Food is the BEST!

Funny Habit: When I start to fall asleep I sometimes make funny noises like raspberries. I also LOVE to hop on my hind legs. I can jump really high, taller than my dad.

Favorite Toy: I really like my kong because sometimes my mom puts peanut butter in there.  YUM!

Adorable Eccentricity: I refuse to walk over manhole covers.  They’re so scary! I also sometimes get scared of inanimate objects like leaves, garbage bags.  I’ll huff at them to let mom know I don’t like them!

Dislikes: Being away from my humans or being alone. I’m a social butterfly.

Things that make my tail wag: Pets and snuggles! I can never get enough of them!!  I also love all people.  Especially when they come with food!

Funny Story: Most nights I go out for a run on the hill in Central Park by my apartment and usually I love running around with the other dogs there but one time there was a man sitting on the edge of the park with a sandwich and it looked delicious so I ran over and hopped up on the bench next to him to try to get a bite.  He wouldn’t share though and mom said I was rude.

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