Love your pet day

by Guest Writer

In honor of “Love Your Pet Day” today we thought it’d be fun to do a roundup of the team here at eco18’s favorite pets!



“Is that a baby lamb?” The inevitable question I recall hearing from inquiring strangers, growing up with a Bedlington Terrier. My mother has always loved Bedlingtons, with their short curly silver coat, which is hyper-allergenic requires professional grooming. They exhibit a courageous spirit they are highly independent. It is said that Bedlington Terriers were originally bred in northern England, but ours was from a kind breeder in Texas. Naming the spirited male “Briar Rose” we decided to call the puppy Dexter. Always energetic and playful, but fervently proprietary with his rewards, Dexter remains a staple of my childhood.


We weren’t allowed to have dogs when we were little. Cats, yes. But my dad knew better than to let me or my sister get attached to a puppy. He caved twice. At a fundraiser car wash for the cheerleading squad I was on in highschool, a woman pulled up to get her car washed with a stray puppy she had found down the road. She brought it to us in hopes that it had gotten away from one of us at the fundraiser. She was a little terrier puppy who was soaking wet and puked in my mom’s purse on the ride home. In an effort to find her a home, we ended up finding a name for her and a doggie bed in the garage. My dad claimed he didn’t like her, but when we found him secretly feeding her potato chips, we decided otherwise.


I’m very much a cat person. Growing up, there was always a cat in the house and in England cats were allowed to come and go as they pleased, there was no such thing as an “indoor” cat. Fast forward to New York City where virtually every cat lives in an apartment and is never allowed out alone! My very favorite kitty cat, “Muffin,” was such a cat. A really precious long haired Himalayan flame point. He was just a beautiful boy with a huge personality and he took up residence in my uptown apartment and ruled the roost! Whenever I stepped off the elevator I could hear him welcoming me, not with a typical “meow”, but with an insistent “Neow”, “Neow”, Neow”, which meant “nice to see you, pick me up NOW!”. Sadly Muffin is long gone, but he will always remain my favorite boy!


I’m a HUGE animal lover and have had quite a few pets over the years so it’s hard for me to pick my favorite pet – I’ve loved them all so much! Currently I have three dogs in my life, Bronco, Riley and Boom and love them all dearly! My first pet ever was a cat I named Rebecca, followed by a gorgeous-yet goofy Golden Retriever named Mixer (my family let me name him at 3 years old) then Macy a mini Golden and Boo a Chihuahua Pug mix and in college I had a dwarf hamster named Elle Woods. Everyday is love your pet day for me ;)!



My favorite pets are obviously my little loves Titan and Zeus. They are adorable chubby cat brothers I adopted when they were about a month old, and now they’re 8 and cuter than ever! They have such funny personalities and love me so much, they’re the best. I’d also like to give a shout out to a few other memorable pets from years past, such as my first cats Sheba and Caledonia, who lived for a very long time with my family, Frisky the cat, Carol the turtle, Peter the rabbit, Lucy and Ethel the cats, our family dog Madison, and my sister and brother in-law’s adorable, naughty little puppy Bailey. I love them all, as well as others I may have forgotten.


Who have been your favorite pets? We’d love to know!

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