How to Feng Shui Your Home

by Juliette Baumann

Countless methods are used to reduce stress in our lives. From meditating, to relaxing music to the rise of CBD people of all ages are continually searching for the next best trick. Many of these stress relieving exercises take place in your own home, but have you considered taking a step back to assess the way your home could be affecting your stress?

The way you arrange your home impacts the energy around you. Living in a tidy space, with objects placed in thought out spots can affect your mood. Although around for thousands of years many people neglect to take to feng shui into account when arranging their home

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese way of creating spaces that promote peace and harmony. An obstruction in the flow of energy can cause blockage and illness while open flowing energy is the basis of great moods and positivity.

The most common energy block is clutter, and luckily the easiest change to make. Decluttering may take up to a few days, but once it is done, you will immediately feel the energy change.

There are five major changes you can make in your home to begin the feng shui process.

  1. Remove any mirrors from your entryway or bedroom. Coming into contact with mirrors upon entry immediately repels any good energy from entering your space. While mirrors in the bedroom are known to disrupt your sleep. Try covering your mirrors for a few days to see what happens to both your homes energy and your sleep cycle.
  2. Although the under the bed might seem like a great place to hide misplaced items, having them under you disrupts your sleep. Clear that area out to improve your night’s rest.
  3. Leave all electronics outside of your bedroom door. Allow your bedroom to be a place of rest.
  4. Make sure your artwork passes the “joy-inducing” test. Meaning, every piece of art in your home should give off positive energy and emotions. If you look at it and smile, it’s a keeper! Surrounding yourself with negative artwork can bring down your chi.
  5. Lastly, fix anything that is broken. Looking at a damaged item daily can cause you to feel broken. Fixing something as simple as a loose doorknob has the power to improve your chi. We hope you try all or even one of these recommendations and see for yourself the potential they have to increase the positive energy around you!

 We hope you try all or even one of these recommendations. If so, get ready to see an increase in the positive energy surrounding you! 

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