How to be an Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

by Guest Writer

You may be going green, but is your pup? In honor of National Dog Day, here’s 10 ways for you to become a more eco-friendly dog owner.

1. Make your own doggy treats

Store bought dog treats often include a whole slew of chemicals and unidentified ingredients. Instead, take a trip to your local health food store in search of some all-natural ones. Better yet, you can make your own! Try out one of these all-natural dog biscuit recipes and let us know which one your pooch prefers!

2. Store dog food/treats in reusable containers

Going on vacation and needing a dog sitter? Instead of portioning out each days meals in individual throw away baggies, store the food in reusable containers, or invest in a reusable plastic scoop to make sure your pet is getting the correct portioned meals everyday.

3. Invest in a BPA free reusable water bottle for trips to the park

Heading to the park? Don’t buy a plastic water bottle at the store. Instead, designate one of your reusable water bottles to carry a drink for your pup to the park. Unless he actually uses the straw, then all you have to do is pop it in the dishwasher and it’s good for another use, unlike store bought plastic water bottles.

4. Throw out dog toys with synthetic fibers and invest in chemical free Frisbees!

Does your pup love chewing on that bright red-stuffed bear? Think about the chemicals and synthetic fibers used to make it! Try investing in some eco-friendly pet toys like these:

5. Adopt a pet! Don’t buy one.

We know, we know. That doggy in the window has caught your eye. If you’re looking into becoming a dog owner, take a trip to your local pet shelters and pounds in search of adopting one instead. Most pups sold in pet stores are bred in puppy mills. The more dogs bought that were made in puppy mills, the longer those mills will continue, and that’s no good! Save a puppy’s life today.

6. Spay and neuter to prevent over abundance of pups

One of the main causes of abandoned animals in the United States is pet owners lack of interest in spaying and neutering pets. Spaying and neutering is the safest way to avoid overpopulation of pets, and reduce shelter crowding.

7. Use biodegradable bags to pick up the poo.

Conventional plastic bags can last up to hundreds of years in a landfill. Instead of using those regular bags, try using biodegradable doggy bags! These suckers only take around 15 days to decompose in a landfill. This is a perfect way to cut down on waste.

8. Make DIY sprays and soaps to avoid the chemicals in conventional doggy washes.

Similar to the body wash and spray they sell for us humans; doggy washes also contain an immense amount of chemicals. Instead of buying regular washes, stay on the look out for an all-natural or organic wash. D.I.Y. this as well! You can easily make one of these homemade organic dog wash recipes to keep your pooch clean, safe, and healthy.

9. Volunteer at animal shelters and help spread the word about abandoned animals.

Volunteering is a great way to contribute to your local pet community! Visit around to all of the local animal shelters and pounds in your community and offer to lend a hand. I’m sure any help is greatly appreciated.

10. Donate unwanted doggy items to your local shelter.

We know how hard it is to mourn the loss of a pet. Try changing your outlook and doing something positive to make yourself feel better. Donate extra dog food, barely used toys, beds, bowls, etc. to your local pet shelter to help out other pets in need.

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