The Wonderful Truth of Cloth Diapers

by Guest Writer

It’s no secret that diapers are messy, but it’s time to clean up the reputation of cloth diapers. Contrary to popular belief, cloth diapers are no messier than disposable diapers. In both cases, you need to remove the diaper and wipe the baby down! Now here comes the only difference: you can either toss the diaper in a garbage can and say, “Goodbye, diaper! Hello, toxic waste!” or you can be eco-friendly and store it in a diaper pail until it is time to wash a load of laundry. Same scenario, but the pros of cloth outweigh those of disposables in terms of the environment, economical reasons, and both the safety and comfort of your child.

You want your child to grow up and to enjoy the fresh outdoors, so why not be earth-friendly and minimize harm upon our environment? Diapers are the third largest consumer item in landfills, filling them up with over 27 billion diapers annually and generating over 7 billion pounds of garbage each year. Your child alone can create almost a ton of garbage in his or her first two years! Cloth diapers prevent this toxic waste. While you do have to do 2-3 extra loads of laundry a week, you can still be eco-friendly and air dry!

Not only are cloth diapers green, they also save you green and trips to the store, cutting down on spending and pollution! The initial cost of cloth diapers may seem expensive, but you buy them once and they will most likely last throughout all of your child’s diaper days! You can buy a bulk of 15-40 cloth diapers anywhere from $200-$500 which in the long run will save you loads with the continuous purchases of disposables!

Safe and Comfy
In addition to the environment and your wallet, this is the most important topic regarding cloth diapers: your child! Diapers contain synthetic materials and absorbent chemicals including Sodium Polyacrylate and phthalates. Sodium Polyacrylate makes diapers more absorbent but can cause allergic reactions. In fact, it was banned from tampons for causing Toxic Shock Syndrome. Phthlates are used to soften plastics, including plastics in diapers, and send false signals to the body by mimicking human hormones. Cloth diapers are all natural, thus are significantly safer and are more comfortable for your child. They minimize diaper rashes and are soft against your baby’s bum! Also, another plus is that cloth diapers make babies more aware of their wetness, which speeds up the potty training process! 

Cloth diapers are easy to care for, are better for the earth, can save you a lot of money, and are healthy and soft for your baby! Banish the falsities and spread the word of the pleasantness, convenience, and all the perks of going all natural!

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