Eat to Reboot, Recharge, Restore

by Sue Taggart

Now the New Year is behind us it’s a perfect time to reset the food button. Forget dieting and think “reboot”.

Food should be pleasurable, it should recharge, reenergize and restore you—not make you feel guilty and sluggish. So let’s make some new food goals to boost energy and to feel great in three simple steps.

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1.The first step is to focus on eating cleaner
Think whole fresh produce—not processed foods—whole grains and lean proteins. Forget take-out and ordering in, think preparing simple, nutritious meals from scratch. Eating is not just about putting food into your body, but about enjoying the whole process from selecting the recipe, choosing the ingredients, preparing the meal and sitting down with no distractions to enjoy the food you have prepared. It’s very true that when you can cook without stress, but relaxed and fully immersed in the process, the food tastes better. Now we know this may not be something you can do every day, but the more you can do it, the better your relationship with food will be and more you will get out of it.

Oatmeal with berries and nuts

2.The second step is to organize your daily eating 


This is when “whole” is very important—whole-wheat or wholegrain breakfast cereals, oats (not the instant kind), fresh fruits, wholegrain or multigrain bread to toast. Yogurt for protein (the real kind add your own fresh fruit and berries), or eggs.


This is the time of day for some healthy carbs, maybe a whole-grain pasta with dark leafy greens, toasted pine nuts, and lemon juice and zest is fast and flavorful or a wonderful homemade soup packed with antioxidant veggies.


The right snacks help keep energy levels on an even keel. A few almonds, a great hummus or dip with some fresh veggies or a small smoothie are all good choices.


You can make the most of an evening meal by focusing on restorative, protein-packed dishes like seared salmon with avocado and brown rice or poached eggs on spinach and Kamut® khorosan wheat berries.


Broken chocolate bar left position isolated top view
3. The last step is to have a little treat every day

Whatever makes you feel happy and satisfied, here a are a few of our favorite things:

• A piece of organic, dark chocolate: at least 70% cacao

• Coconut whip

• Medjool dates (just one or two)

• Healthy chocolate pudding

• Banana nice-cream

• Chocolate almond milk

• Chia seed pudding with Chia seed jam

• Fresh berries topped with a little Greek yogurt

Enjoy everything you eat, food should feed your body and soul!


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