April Pet of the Month: Bowie

by Alana Cowan

Bowie is a 5 month old Havanese to a first time dog owner. Bowie immediately stood out because, while lovable and sweet, he has a very strong personality. In fact, I’ve taken to calling him “my little maniac” because he gets a kick out of testing his boundaries. That being said, he’s incredibly bright and a very quick learner. He is also the cuddliest boy in the world and is addicted to affection. Though a little shy at first, Bowie warms up to people incredibly quickly and in no time you’re his new best friend.

 Name: Bowie

Breed: Havanese

Age: 5 months

Size: 8 pounds

Diet: Wellness Super 5 Mix – Just For Puppy

Funny Habit: I don’t think Bowie is a hoarder because he has no problem relinquishing his toys but, before bedtime, if any toys are on the floor he will collect them and put them in a specific corner of his crate.

Favorite Toy: A squeaky little Lamb Chop that I’m convinced Bowie thinks is alive.

Adorable Eccentricity: When Bowie’s curious about something he’ll look at me and tilt his head to the side as if awaiting an explanation. When he doesn’t like or want something (like his eye drops) he’ll lower his head and shield his eyes with his paw.

Dislikes: The mirror: Bowie gets very angry at the dog (his reflection) that won’t play with him.

Things that make his tail wag: Getting his hair brushed (his mommy is grateful for that); being the center of attention; Tug-of-war; playing with other small dogs; falling asleep in someone’s lap; carpeting of any sort.

Funny Story: Bowie goes from 0 to 180 in a matter of seconds. One minute he’ll be sleeping but the second he’s up he instantly starts running back and forth until he wears himself out again.



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