The Top 5 Trails to See on Two Wheels

by Guest Writer

Over the past few years biking has become a very popular means of transportation. From the suburbs to the cities, many commuters have found biking to be a quick, healthy and eco-friendly way to go from place to place. Even though biking serves a great practical purpose, it can also be a means of relaxation and a vehicle to help you explore the world around you. To get your wheels turning on a few places where you should bike ride this spring, we’ve listed (in our opinion) the 5 Most Scenic Bike Trails in the U.S.A.

1. Minute Man Trail – Bedford, Lexington, Arlington and Cambridge, MA

This trail allows you to follow the same path as Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere from the center of downtown Boston to the suburbs. The Minute Man trail gives views of beautiful New England and since the red coats aren’t coming, you can take as much time as you want to enjoy the scenery. The 10-mile route stretches from Cambridge to Bedford and is a great activity for both history buffs and families.

2. The Arizona Trail – Sierra Vista, AZ

This trail is definitely the longest and hottest on our list, stretching around 800 miles of desert. The Arizona Trail winds from the northern boarder of Arizona all the way down to the Mexican boarder. If you’re looking to explore the Arizona trail, the best times are during the fall and spring. This is because during summer temperatures are scorching and during the winter months the path is often packed with snow. According to the Arizona Trail Association, there are many people who have successfully completed all 400 miles!

3. Chicago Lakefront Bike Path – Chicago, IL

When temperatures pick up in the windy city, there is no better place to be than along the lake. The Chicago Lakefront Bike Path allows riders to look at the Chicago cityscape while passing iconic landmarks like Rogers Park, Navy Pier Park and the South Shore Cultural Center. This urban trail is 18.5 miles long and the perfect activity for tourists and locals.

4. Mount Vernon Trail – Northern Virginia and DC Metro Are

If you ever get a chance to visit the DC Metro area, you will notice that that city is full of two wheels. The Capitol has started a bike share program, which many residents have found to be very convenient. After getting your fill of Smithsonian exhibits and tours, try renting one of the bikes and hopping on the Mount Vernon bike trail. You’ll see 18.5 miles of sweeping Potomac River Views and a rewarding finish, ending at Mount Vernon National Park.

5. Yosemite National Park – Mariposa, CA

Yosemite is often ranked as one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the United States and for good reason. If you’re heading out west and are in the mood for a short and scenic bike route, Yosemite has just what you’re looking for. These bike paths will allow you to wind in an out of the beautiful park and give opportunities for you to see Half Dome, Mirror Lake, The Chapel and many of Yosemite’s other natural beauties.

We only had room for five trails on our list, but we are well aware that there are many others. Share your favorite bike trail with us by commenting below!

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