7 Surprising Reasons to Use Chemical-Free Cleaning Products in Your Home

by Guest Writer

This blog was guest written by Andrew Chu.

Green is everything in 2021. But going green is not just about recycling things here and there. It is a lifestyle.

One of the biggest misconceptions most people have about green living is that they are costly, time-consuming, and challenging to achieve.

But this is not always the case. Despite having an expensive upfront cost, renewable resources are cost-effective.

By switching to more eco-friendly products, you are doing your part in combating the harm done to the environment. That’s because these products are safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and come with sustainable packaging.

Other than that, we have listed down seven benefits that you can enjoy when you switch to green cleaning products.

1. Safer for the environment

Are you considering going green? Not only will this be a healthier option for your family, but our planet as well.

You are going to sleep better at night knowing that you will be doing your part. This includes getting rid of any chemical-laden cleaning products, leading to a healthier and chemical-free home.

According to Cleaning Exec Home Cleaning Services NYC, “Switching to eco-friendly products also enhances your home’s indoor air quality. As such, it decreases health risks like skin irritations, chemical poisoning, eye and respiratory infections, and skin infections.”

2. Better for those with sensitivities

Even with gloves or working in a well-ventilated area, cleaning products are dangerous for people with allergies, asthma, and other sensitivities.

Gas irritants like ammonia, acetone, and other harmful chemical compounds can be risky. But sometimes, it is unavoidable.

Usually, the best cleaning products out there use oils, vinegar, and other plant-based surfactants. These are not dangerous for humans.

Its transparency also makes it a lot easier for people with allergies to know whether they should avoid it or not.

3. Often cruelty-free

Looking for cruelty-free products is a lot easier these days. Chances are, you have come across a cruelty-free brand in your local drugstore or grocery.

Usually, companies that commit to using cruelty-free products often use sustainable and natural ingredients and materials.

Apart from the packaging, these often use more eco-friendly materials, making it an excellent choice for our planet’s health.

Note that over 110 million animals in the US alone are being utilized for harsh chemical testing across many industries. Although preventable, many companies still turn to cruel practices.

By choosing cruelty-free products and brands, you are thinking about the many ways that you can end animal cruelty.

4. Less expensive

For cleaning your home, ingredients like vinegar, olive oil, and lemon juice can do the trick. The great part is that these ingredients are affordable and readily available in your pantry.

Why go out and purchase these products if you already have them in your pantry?

Investing in green products also makes a lot of sense for companies. The costs for more environmental-friendly products have become a lot more competitive these days.

Furthermore, eco-friendly cleaning helps reduce sick days and chemically-induced accidents and injuries.

5. Safe for your entire family

Although we are all well-aware that pollution happens outside of your home, do you know that air pollution can be indoors, too?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals found in most household products. This includes commercial cleaning products.

On the other hand, if you go green, these chemicals will no longer be absorbed into one’s skin or breathed in by the person cleaning it. Health benefits extend to family members that breathe in any lingering air or sitting on surfaces.

Also, studies have shown that a household cleaning spray, even spraying it as little as once a week, increases one’s risk for asthma. Using green cleaning products decreases the chance of one developing asthma.

6. Less clutter

How many plastic cleaning bottles do you have at home? Do you have separate cleaners for every surface?

The thing is you will not need many formulations to clean surfaces like your tub, tiles, and toilet.

When you switch to a green all-purpose cleaner, it takes up less space. It also means you do not have to scour through bottles upon bottles of cleaners.

7. The smell

By using the most common household cleaners, you usually have two raw smells:

  • The overwhelming smell of chemicals.
  • An artificial flower or fruity scent to cover the smell.

Artificial scents are usually added to all-purpose cleaners to make them smell nice. But they also mask chemical odors that are present in commercially available household cleaners.

Moreover, many people tend to be allergic to perfumes and avoid these fake smells placed over chemicals. They opt for the pungent odors of chemical smells instead, which is no better.

For green cleaning products, they are mild and highly tolerable.

Switching to more natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning products allows you to have a clean and chemical-free home. This means you get to achieve and maintain your house’s pristine look without compromising your family’s health.

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