3 Types of Healthy Trail Mix

by Guest Writer

Today is National Trail Mix Day! Yum.

We love trail mix here at eco18, but have you ever noticed the types of trail mix offered at the store? More often than not, they’re packed with chocolate candies and dried, sweetened fruit that packs in a load of unneeded sugar. The problem with this is that, the trail mix is tricking you into thinking you’re grabbing a healthy snack, but really you’re eating the equivalent of a candy bar.

Instead of relying on sugary trail mix to give you a boost of energy (and a crash later) let’s make our own!


1.Asian Inspired Snack Mix by epicurious



2.Sweet and Spicy Vegan Nut Mix by 86 Lemons



3.Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bites by Dessert Now, Dinner Later



What’s your favorite trail mix flavor?

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