Mommy Networking

Walking around the city with my baby, I now pick up other Mommies. We eye each other with a kind of curiosity. I’m not shy so often I’ll initiate conversation and most moms…


Getting Away For a Day…Kinda.

For months, I’ve felt worn out. It seems that since late pregnancy I haven’t had a full night’s sleep and even though I’ve taken yoga, had some massages, and of course a manicure…

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Traveling With Baby

It seems we always have an idea of what our life is going to look like at a certain period–and how often that idea blows up in our face and we realize that…


Mommy’s Night Out

Do Mommies need a night out? Yes. Yes. And Yes. In fact it’s important. You need to see your girlfriends, you need to feel like the “old you” and yes, you need a…


Baby Food

I haven’t considered myself super creative with baby food- but I admit I’ve had fun feeding my son.  With the help of his babysitter, we have blended and steamed up veggies and fruits…


Home Practice with Baby Part 4

We’re excited to have Randi Zinn sharing her fourth installment of “Home Practice With Baby”. Since becoming a new mom earlier this year, she has been implementing her yoga expertise in to motherhood….


Home Practice with Baby Part 3

Home Practice with Baby Part 3 Ok Moms, let’s just face it: The abs aren’t what they used to be. But there’s plenty of ways to restrengthen them. Try these poses below and…


Home Practice With Baby Part II

Home Practice With Baby Part II The fun of yoga with baby continues! Try these poses to build some strength and increase flexibility. As always, squeeze, giggle, and tickle your baby to make…


Home Practice with Baby Part I

Home Practice with Baby Part I The endless conflict of motherhood: the need to take care of yourself and the desire to be with your baby, with only limited time to do both….


Summer Yoga

Summer Yoga As the weather gets warmer, we are even more on the go; picnics, parties, graduations, and the desire to simply be out and about. It’s a wonderful feeling being so energized…

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