Home Practice with Baby Part 3

by Randi

Ok Moms, let’s just face it: The abs aren’t what they used to be. But there’s plenty of ways to restrengthen them. Try these poses below and as always, include your baby in the fun!
See Saw Pose: Sitting on your shins, place baby in front of you and hold hands tightly. Begin to see-saw forward and back. Baby will enjoy the motion and you will energize your abdominals by pulling the navel toward the spine as you lean back (creating a hollow feeling in your gut). Add extra deep breaths to warm up the spine.

Boat Pose– Another great abdominal pose! Shift the baby to your shins, still holding onto his hands so he’s stable. As you lift your toes up off the floor, you will balance on your sit bones. The key is to anchor through your stable core and your strong, long back. Hold for five to ten breaths. Try two or three sets.

Seated Twist– Babies love the cradle of your lap and you will love the way twisting opens up your back. With baby happily playing in your lap, inhale the arms all the way up to the sky. On an exhale twist to the right bringing your left fingers to the right knee and your rights fingers behind you. Take deep breaths making your spine longer and use your exhale to go a little deeper into the twist. Coming back to center, do the other side. And play with your baby in between sides!

Table Top– You will only be able to do this with one hand on the ground, as you will have to make sure your baby is stable on your belly. But it still feels good on your back and legs and your baby will enjoy the feeling of being lifted in a new way!

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