Home Practice with Baby Part I

by Randi

The endless conflict of motherhood: the need to take care of yourself and the desire to be with your baby, with only limited time to do both. As a long time yogi I’ve been playing with different ways to merge my practice with the time that would otherwise be just “baby play time.” It’s not exactly a Vinyasa, but its time to stretch, breathe, and feel the shapes. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing the favorite shapes for my son and I. As you will see from the photos, babies love movement and think the faces you make in each pose are hilarious! Be playful with your own body and baby- who knows what kind of fun shapes you’ll create together.

Cat and Cow– Coming to all fours, use the inhale to lift your tail and chest to the sky and an exhale to round your spine, belly lifting underneath you. Your baby is placed under you so he/she can watch you move from a new perspective. When you round your spine, make a silly face at your baby. Baby is entertained and you are both breathing and opening up your spine.

See-Saw– Babies love the feeling of sitting up with your support. Have your baby facing you, holding his hands, open your legs just wide enough to feel a stretch. As you sway forward and back, baby enjoys movement and you again, get to warm up your legs and back while focusing on your breath.

Plank Pose– Similar to the cat/cow- baby loves to be underneath you and watch you from a whole new view. As you hold your plank pose, draw up through your belly and gently tuck your tail. Send weight back into your heels and firm up your arms. Hold as long as you can to feel a little burn.

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