Getting Away For a Day…Kinda.

by Randi

For months, I’ve felt worn out. It seems that since late pregnancy I haven’t had a full night’s sleep and even though I’ve taken yoga, had some massages, and of course a manicure and pedicure, relaxation and self-care has been periodic and fleeting.  I want to be clear, I’m not trying to sound like a pampered princess here…but I really believe that we have to figure out ways to get away and nurture ourselves. At the Finding the Om in Mom retreat I hosted in November, the overwhelming theme was that mothers need more time to themselves. So finally, I booked myself an afternoon at The Great Jones Spa- a massage AND a facial and arrived a full hour early so I could soak in the hot tub and chill in the sauna.

But when the morning of spa day arrived, though my body looked forward to the attention, my brain could not slow down! I literally felt stressed about the idea of shutting off for the afternoon! It’s in those moments that I realize I am not practicing what I preach. So I sat myself down and gave myself a talking to: “Girl, (and yes, I said it like a serious girlfriend would), you need to chill out and slow down. Sit your butt down at the desk, clear out your emails, organize your stuff and then tell folks you will be out of commission for a few hours! You deserve this time and you know you need it! Think of all the Mom’s who got to enjoy a full day away and you planned it all for them! Why don’t you get the same love?!” Sigh. I knew my inner girlfriend was right so I got my stuff organized and committed to an afternoon to myself.

Once I arrived, I was thrilled to be there. The Jacuzzi felt soothing to my tired muscles and obviously there’s nothing like a massage and a facial. But you know what my favorite time was? There’s a book I’ve been reading for quite some time and loving, but never do I have more than 10 minutes to read it. On this afternoon, I relaxed on a chaise lounge for a full hour and finished the entire book. It felt amazing. I realized that perhaps it’s just the time to do one thing and do it continuously that felt most therapeutic.

It clearly doesn’t have to be a spa or a yoga retreat. It can be a day with a girlfriend or a hike in the woods. But whatever it is, find the time and give it to yourself. You will be a better mommy, wife, friend and overall person for it. I promise.

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