Mommy’s Night Out

by Randi

Do Mommies need a night out? Yes. Yes. And Yes. In fact it’s important. You need to see your girlfriends, you need to feel like the “old you” and yes, you need a cocktail. But let me just say out loud all the things that run through our mommy brains but most of us are too scared to say out loud: if I go out, my baby will miss me. If I go out, my husband can’t calm him the way I can. If I call a babysitter, my baby will feel unloved. If I go out, I wont enjoy myself because I’ll be worried about the baby the whole time! I shouldn’t be anywhere but home with my baby! Does any of this sound familiar?

All of this, friends, is normal. But we do need to work through it. I’m not talking about going out nightly or even weekly, but the act of getting a little dolled up, stepping out the door solo, and meeting up with your girls is straight up healing. It’s good for the soul and makes you lighter in spirit. Your child will benefit from the fact that you’ve been rejuvenated and let’s face it: your husband will probably be turned on to see you with that pep in your step. Everyone wins. And what I’ve been learning one night out at a time, is that my son is fine. He loves the time with his Daddy. He’s becoming a well-rounded person having a babysitter or friend look after him. Point is–we have to keep our own lives alive for everyone’s sake. So go ahead, take a deep breath, and call your girlfriends.

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