Home Practice With Baby Part II

by Randi

The fun of yoga with baby continues! Try these poses to build some strength and increase flexibility. As always, squeeze, giggle, and tickle your baby to make this practice amusing for all.

Downward Dog- From plank pose, shift your hips back to downward facing dog. Baby can hang where he is and will continue to enjoy watching you. Let your heels sink toward the floor, your chest ease towards your thighs and take lots of deep breaths. Fun for you both to shift back and forth between plank pose and downward dog.

Low Lunge- From downward dog, swing one leg up and on an exhale step it forward and wide of your baby. Breathe into your hips either dropping the back knee down if you need to or keep the leg elevated for a deeper stretch. Find another face to make for your baby!

Parsvotonasana- From your low lung, lengthen your front leg. You may need to hop your back foot in. Pour forward and let your legs open. A good moment to tickle your baby’s tummy 🙂

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