Home Practice with Baby Part 4

by Randi

We’re excited to have Randi Zinn sharing her fourth installment of “Home Practice With Baby”. Since becoming a new mom earlier this year, she has been implementing her yoga expertise in to motherhood. Below are the some new poses to try at home with your baby. Especially in the height of the holiday season, it’s important to take time for you and your little one.

Table Top –You will only be able to do this with one hand on the ground, as you will have to make sure your baby is stable on your belly. But it still feels good on your back and legs and your baby will enjoy the feeling of being lifted in a new way!

Squat – Squats are great to open your hips, strengthen your feet and ankles and lengthen your spine. But most importantly, a great moment to lift your pelvic floor. So do some kiegels ladies. And while you’re squatting, hold onto your baby’s feet and move them in a bicycle motion. Good for his legs and his digestion!

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