Have an Organic Celebration

by Dennis Machicao

If you are concerned about what you eat, you make a point of buying organic products throughout the year. The organic awareness has certainly gained momentum, you can notice it in your local supermarket. Now you don’t need to go to a specialty store to buy organic. Going down your produce isle you can get a wide variety of organically grown, fruits, vegetables, products made with organic ingredients and your local butcher now carries organic meats.

In recent years, the popularity of organic wines has also gained momentum with introduction of better producing methods and cultivating techniques that grow a higher quality grape for a better tasting wine. So now you can have your organic meals and wash it down with a pretty good organic wine.

During this holiday season, we all will most likely partake in eating our share of holiday meals and drinking good wines, be they organic or not.  And the holidays are also a time to enjoy let’s say, something stronger than wine, alcohol spirits to put you in that holiday mood.

And now you can have your favorite cocktail, with a little less sense of guilt, by using organic spirits.  Like organic wines in their infancy, organic spirits are starting to grow in popularity and variety. Whether your preference is Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum or Scotch, you’ll be able to find your favorite liquor in an organic form.

Here are some brands to look for:

  • Square One Organic Vodka – an eco friendly spirit that is distilled from organically grown North Dakota rye and its byproducts used for organic dairy farm feed. Packaged in a non-frosted bottle, avoiding chemicals that are used in frosting bottles, and sports an easy peal label made of sustainably grown and renewable fiber sources. The peal off label makes the bottle reusable. Just look for the square tall bottle.
  • Tru Organic Vodka – is distilled from American organic wheat, pure water and ingredients that are hand processed. Under the Tru label, you will also find an organic gin.
  • Juniper Green Organic Gin – distilled from organic grain and organic botanical herbs, it is the first organic London dry gin made this way. Since no chemicals are used in the growing process and the storing of the grain, naturally occurring microorganisms are left to do their job producing a gin by a full and deep fermentation process.
  • 4Copas Organic Tequila – bottled in hand-blown glass made by local artisans this tequila is 100% certified organic blue agave that comes in blanco, reposado, anejo and extra anego styles.
  • IXA Organic Tequila – is another tequila that uses organically grown agave plants and uses a slow, clay oven steaming process and ferment and distills with agave fibers.
  • Papagayo Organic Rum – distilled from organic sugarcane harvested by fair trade workers in Paraguay, use organic growing practices that will preserve the land for generations to come.
  • Crusoe Organic Rum – organic molasses is used here and use a micro oxygenation process that gives this rum a rich and deep flavor.
  • Benromach Single Malt Scotch Whisky – a distillery located in Speyside in north east Scotland started in 1999 producing whisky from organic malt barley launching Benomach Organic.
  • Korbel Organic Brut – (California) bring in the new year with a toast with this champagne that never uses synthetic pesticides, herbicides or insecticides resulting in a champagne made from 100% organic grapes.


    Other organic champagnes to look for are:

  • Trlet Vineyard (France)Classics Zero; Classics  Zero Rose; Champagne Prestige Millesime
  • Eudald Massana Noya (Spain)Reserva Brut Nature; Brut Nature Familia; Dry Families
  • The Mont’albano Estate (Italy)Prosecco
  • Duchy Originals, Prince Charles (England)English Sparking Wine 
  • Summerhill Pyramid Winery (Canada)Cipes Brut

So there you have it some organic spirit brands that you can look for in your local store and can enjoy a cocktail or two knowing you are doing good for the environment, well it’s a stretch but you know what I mean. Like everything else, drink in moderation and enjoy this holiday season.

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