Sustainable Farming Program Intro

by Guest Writer

Eco18 is honored to be part of the upcoming Sustainable Farming Program hosted by the Natural Gourmet Institute! We love learning about bringing sustainability into everyday tasks, especially when it comes to learning where our food comes from and how to make our meals more sustainable.

The program is a five day course moving from rooftop farms in Brooklyn, to larger organic livestock rearing farms farther upstate.

Here are the farms we’re visiting: 

Brooklyn Grange- Navy Yard

The Brooklyn Grange is a collection of rooftop farms and green spaces in New York. The Brooklyn Grange’s goal is to promote “sustainable living and local ecology through food, education and events.

Here we’re learning about:

  • The history of green roof technology
  • An overview or urban agriculture
  • Microgreens
  • Greenhouses
  • Crop planning
  • Harvesting
  • Bed prep and sowing
  • Pre-season planning
  • Pests, ecofriendly pest control
  • Weeding
  • Growing seasons


McEnroe Farm

A certified organic farm that produces organic produce, meats and soils. McEnroe Farm’s mission is to source high quality produce and livestock while continuing to protect the habitat for local wildlife.

Here we’re learning about:

  • Organic livestock rearing
  • Composting
  • Soil blends
  • Harvesting fresh herbs and vegetables
  • Seasonal produce integration in meals


Bright Farms

Bright Farms was created out of the inspiration and desire to grow and consume local food.


Here we’re learning about:

  • Hydroponics and production practices, methods and concerns


We’re also taking a trip to the Union Square Greenmarket, as well as the Greenmarket Co. Distribution and Food Hub Facility. Here’s we’ll learn more about the history of the Greenmarket Co. and their distribution and development.



While the entire team can’t make it, our editor Shauna is excited to get her hands dirty and weed out what we can do to make our farms more sustainable.

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