Dairy Free Chocolate Milk Roundup

by Guest Writer

There are so many different kinds of dairy free milk on the market, there should be one for every person. But sometimes we crave that little extra sweetness in our milk, and what better way to have it than chocolate milk!! Here are the 5 best different dairy free chocolate milk options out there for you!


1. Silk Chocolate Milk

What better option of dairy-free milk than soy milk to start out with? It’s the best dairy-free milk to start out with if you are new to the dairy free milk world. The taste is pretty similar to milk, because it is soy based rather than any other nut based milk which can give off a distinct taste to the milk.



2. So Delicious Chocolate Milk

So Delicious is another great brand working on non dairy milks. Coconut milk flavored with chocolate, yum! If you don’t like the taste of coconuts we recommend not to try this non dairy milk. But if you like coconut you’ll love this milk!


3. Almond Breeze Chocolate Milk

Almond Breeze is another dairy free milk option. Again just like the coconut milk if you don’t like the taste of almonds, you probably won’t like this milk. But if you like the taste of almonds, or wanna try a dairy free milk that has a little more of a nutty flavor, definitely grab this one!


4. Rice Dream Chocolate Milk

Rice milk is a great substitute for typical milk! Because it is fermented rice it actually gives a slight sweetness to the milk, which can make it more appealing to kids too!


5. Silk Cashew Milk

Cashew Milk has 50% less calories then your typical chocolate milk. So now you can enjoy our chocolate milk and not have to worry about adding up those calories. Because it is made with cashews it has a very creamy texture to the milk, making it a very rich tasting milk.


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