Sustainable Fall Fashion

by Guest Writer

With a new season, comes new fashion trends. With new fashion trends, comes lots and lots of shopping. But is shopping for clothes always sustainable? Well, it depends on where you’re buying them! We want to make you a sustainable fall fashionista this year, by sharing a few of our favorite sustainable clothing brands.


Miakoda is a sustainable clothing company, based in Brooklyn, New York, that specializes in wearable, comfortable athleisure clothing. Miakoda’s sportswear line offers comfy clothes in neutral tones that make it easy to go from yoga, to work, then straight to dinner. A perfect line for those busy New Yorkers out there. I even recently bought the gray, oversized hoodie and it might possibly be the best purchase I’ve ever made. This hoodie is perfect for wearing around the house, grabbing on your way to the store, and it’s ideal for lengthy travel experiences (ex: that inevitable freezing flight).



H&M Conscious- Sustainable Style

Your favorite, affordable brand with a sustainable twist! H&M’s Conscious Line offers beautiful pieces made with more sustainable ingredients. Some tops are made with ingredients like recycled polyester, while others, like the turtleneck picture below, are made with Tenecel lyocell (a botanic fiber made from sustainable wood pulp and uses non-toxic chemicals).





Prana provides everyday, lifestyle clothing for men and women that are comfortable, stylish and sustainable. (Three cheers for that!) Using ingredients like organic cotton, hemp, recycled wool, and being a fair trade clothing company, Prana is making great strides in the realm of sustainable fashion. Their goal? To inspire healthy, free-spirited living through sustainability and giving back to the community.


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