School Snack Makeover

by Guest Writer

School is in full swing, which means snacking is in full swing as well!

Whether it’s packing a snack for your 4th grader or grabbing something on the go before you head to the office, we want to help you change your senseless snacking to smart snacking!


Here are a list of our favorite smart snacks:

When you’re craving something fresh:

Fruits and Veg! 

This one’s a no brainer. Fruits and vegetables are a perfect snack to satisfy any craving whether it’s sweet or savory! Here’s a tip: when you get home from the grocery store, wash and cut all your vegetables and store in air tight containers. Having the fruit and veggies already cut will make them more appealing when you start to feel a bit hungry (since it’s already prepared.)

Don’t want to eat them plain? No problem! There are plenty of snack friendly dips that go perfectly with fruits and vegetables. For veggies, bring along hummus, salsa, guacamole, or even a vinegar based salad dressing! For fruits, greek or soy yogurt will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Another way to freshen up during snack time is to enjoy a vegetable based juice. Vegetable based juices contain fiber and a ton of antioxidants!

When you’re craving something salty:

Nuts, Rice/Quinoa Chips/Kracklin’ Kamut!

Ditch the potato chips and satisfy that salty craving with one of these! Snacking on nuts and offers a ton of protein and healthy fats into your daily intake. Can’t stop craving the chips? Settle for gluten free, rice or quinoa chip instead. They offer plenty of protein and fiber that regular potato chips don’t have!

We’re also loving these Kracklin’ Kamut snacks that we just so happen to be selling in our new shop! (That is, if we don’t eat them all before hand) Kracklin’ Kamut is a snack made out of the ancient grain commonly known as Khorasan. Khorasan is high in protein and contains several different minerals. Kracklin’ Kamut is certified organic and contains zero GMOs, cholesterol, or trans-fat.  Want to try some? Head over to our eco18 shop!

When you’re craving something sweet:

Dark Chocolate and Dried Fruit!

Dark chocolate will surely satisfy those sweet cravings while feeding your body a ton of antioxidants! As for dried fruit, try finding unsweetened or organic dried fruit. The dried fruit is already sweet on its own, so there’s no need for the extra sugar!


What’s your favorite school/office snacks? Let us know!









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