Eco18 Organic Soap Product Review

by Guest Writer

The label says it all.

“A small batch, handmade soap from pure plant ingredients.”

Handmade by farmers in Montana, these soaps are non-gmo and contain zero synthetic colors, fragrances or preservatives.

Then what do they contain?

Glad you asked! Eco18 soaps contain only all natural plant ingredients that will benefit your skin.

Pink Grapefruit: This guy contains essential oils of pink grapefruit that are packed full of antioxidants! This can help with acne, uneven and/or oily skin.

Citrus Lavender: Citrus lavender contains orange peel and essential oils of tangerines! The more vitamin C, the better.

Blood Orange & Bergamot: We know what you’re thinking, “what the heck is bergamot?” Bergamot is a type of citrus fruit closely resembling an orange, which can work as a built in toner in soap.

Shea Honey Oat: This shea honey and oat soap has a milder smell, but no milder benefits! The honey is great for acne, the oats act as a natural exfoliant and the shea butter locks moisture in! Who needs multiple soaps when this one has all of the benefits packed in one!

Mountain Prairie: Mountain prairie has essential oils of spearmint leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean and tingly!

Unscented: This one is for all of you with sensitive skin out there! It may be unscented, but this soap still contains certified organic coconut oil and rosemary extract that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth without that oily residue most moisturizing soaps leave.


Want to stock up on some soap for the winter? Head over to our new eco18 shop where we’re selling these soaps, jewelry and more!


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