Resolving to be greener in 2016

by Guest Writer

If you feel the need for a fresh start in your life, making a New Year’s resolution this year might give you a little boost. Here at eco18 we want to encourage everyone to resolve to lead a greener lifestyle in the year of 2016, including ourselves!

Here are a few steps we plan on making to live a greener and more eco conscious lifestyle next year. Want to join us?

1. Greening your palates 

The first step into the greener direction is to green your palate. Let’s cut any or all processed foods out of our diets and focus on real ingredients, better yet, real and locally sourced ingredients. Ditch the sodas, the prepackaged snacks and frozen dinners. Instead, start taking baby steps to make your own storable meals and snacks you can grab on the go!

2. Reusable Bags

Having reusable grocery bags is one thing, but actually using them is another! Sometimes we forget them in our car, or decide to pick up a few things on the way home, but have left our bags at home. This year we want to make a pact with ourselves to only use reusable grocery bags. If we don’t have a bag, we’re not going to buy it.

3. Clean up your cleaning routine

Whether you’re cleaning your teeth, your face or your kitchen sink, we want to clean up the products you use during the process. Go through each of your cleaning supplies and ask yourself a few questions:

How many ingredients do I recognize?

Are there any harmful chemicals in this product?

Is this company cruelty-free?

Is the packaging recyclable?

If the answer to all of these question is yes, keep them! If no takes over the majority of your answers, it’s best to toss it in the recycling bin.


3 easy steps, it’s as easy as that. Take the pledge and resolve to live a greener lifestyle with eco18!

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