Porterhouse Steak Recipe

by Alux Loyola

Some times you just need a steak. Once in a while you need a really good steak. And if you get lucky you get an online deal for nearby restaurant that also has a butcher shop and you buy a dry aged porterhouse. This isn’t something than can be done often but it is healthy for the soul and I knew exactly what farm this meat came from

Feeling very fortunate I felt a responsibility to cook this impressive piece of meat perfectly and found simplicity is the key. I would have liked to undertake this endeavor outdoors on a grill but wasn’t able to. Instead I cooked it on my stove top in a grill pan.




Kosher salt

1 dry aged porterhouse steak 1.5 inches thick

Canola oil


Begin by letting your steak come to room temperature, this will take at least 30 minutes and often longer. Once it has come to room temperature oil the grill pan with canola oil and get it hot, not kind of hot, I mean smoking hot!

Coat your steak liberally with Kosher salt immediately before putting it on the oiled very hot pan. If you have the time coat your steak with salt and let it sit for at least 40 minutes (Serious Eats explains why). Flip the steak approximately every 15 to 30 seconds until you achieve the desired temperature and doneness. I like mine medium rare.


Remember to let the meat rest at least 5 minutes after you remove it from heat and before slicing.

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