Pet of the Month: Zulu

by Guest Writer
Zulu is a five year old Rhodesian Ridgeback.  The breed from Africa was orginally meant for hunting large game such as lion but this 90-lbs dog’s favorite thing is to do is cuddle.  Infact, she is such a lush that she’ll rub her face against the people standing near her on walks.  Not just cute, she is beautiful to watch run large open spaces such as central park in the morning. One of the things that makes Zulu a “dog of the month” is her organic diet.
Here is the 411 on Zulu:

Breed:  Rhodesian Ridgeback
Age: 5
Her favorite thing to do:  To cuddle in bed
Favorite toy:  Not big on tennis balls. She does like birds a lot. Silly rubber chickens and ducks with pull strings.
Cool trick:  She does “touch” really well. You can raise your hand anywhere and she will jump her nose to touch it.  She just learned “shake” (not so cool trick). On hot days when saying “WALK,” she will “SIT.”
Weird habits: Rubs her nose against random people
Diet:  The Honest Kitchen slowly dehydrated raw food. Boiled organic chicken breast. Her treats are most commonly fish skins (protein+fiber and no fat) or a sweet potato.
Things that make her happy: Children, sun tanning, open countryside (or central park).

Image courtesy of Sabra Krock Photography

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