Pet of the Month: Snickers

by Guest Writer

Almost everyone who has been to our house over the last 12 years has their own story to share about Snickers. He greets everyone who comes through the front door with a few jumps and a bunch of kisses. Often times, it takes him 10 minutes to say hello before we get to see the guests! Snickers has a very outgoing personality and fits into our loud, always on-the-go family very well. He couldn’t have been a better match for us.
The story of how we picked Snickers up is pretty non-traditional and was a complete surprise to all of us – except for my Dad and sister. One snow globe like December evening in Buffalo, my Dad asked my Mom to go pick up a “friend” of his at the airport. He told her what gate he could find his “friend” and how he was going to meet her at the baggage claim. My mom not thinking anything of it went to do the favor with my brother and sister. For months, my Dad had been talking about getting a dog and joking about how he was just going go out and get one. My mom never found these jokes funny since having a dog was something she thought would be more work for her than anyone else in the family. Knowing my mother’s feelings towards having a family pet, it’s safe to say she was less than thrilled to see a little Wheaton puppy being the “friend” she had to pick up. However, those feelings slowly faded once she started to hang out with the little guy (see the picture below and the big smile on her face).

Ever since we brought Snickers home he has made the perfect addition to our family. He likes to be around people and is not afraid to take a chance (like jumping up on the counter or trying to make friends with a goat). He is very loveable and one of the best dogs our family could have ever asked for. It’s suiting that he was picked for the October pet of the month since he already has his costume picked out and is going to be Bob Marley for Halloween, you can see him modeling his ensemble below.


Name: Snickers Prancer Biondi

Breed:  Pure Bread Wheaton Terrier (hypoallergenic)

Age: 12 years old

Size:  30 lbs

Diet:  IAMS

Cool Trick: Snickers can leap from the ground to the top of the deck with a running start. (Look Mom no stairs!)

Favorite Toy: Snickers enjoys chewing on our family members shoes (particularly my brother’s) and playing with empty yogurt containers. He also likes playing with his Kong when it is filled with peanut butter.

Adorable Eccentricity: Snick wiggles his nose back and forth every once in a while when he’s smiling. It’s adorable!

Dislikes: Snickers doesn’t like grapes, celery, fireworks or thunderstorms.

Things that make his tail wag: He wags his tail a lot when he sees new dogs or any animal (in the past he has tried to make friends with all kinds of species including goats and deer).

Funny Story: When Snickers was younger he used jump up on the counters and grab things in his reach when we weren’t looking. If anything was important we would always push it to the back of the counter to keep it out of reach. One morning my sister forgot about this guideline and left her retainer on the edge for the taking. Sure enough, within 10 minutes Snickers was chomping on the retainer seeing if it would help straighten his teeth.


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