Last Minute DIY Halloween Tips and Tricks

by Alana Cowan

You’ve waited until last minute to figure out your Halloween costume, now what? Lucky for you, Halloween is just about the perfect holiday to put your DIY skills to the test. Before you drop a ton of money on that pre-packaged, overpriced Halloween costume (that you’ll only wear once!), consider one of these crafty DIY costumes for this weekend’s Halloween festivities!

If you’re looking to be a winged creature, we’re found a really cool way to reuse an old umbrella for a DIY bat, angel or fairy costume. Simply take an ordinary umbrella (your choice of color), and remove metal springs from central rod. The umbrella material will need to be cut into equal sections and reattached to metal springs. Once the two identical wings are created, simply attach or sew to costume the way your like or staple on an attaching strap. You can also jazz up the finished nylon material with feathers, paint, jems, or other materials to complete this DIY look. For more instruction on this DIY trick, check out this youtube video for a step by step tutorial.

Looking for something a little bit scarier? Get wrapped up in a homemade mummy costume although, we suggest instead of being wasteful and using paper towels, to use an old white sheet cut in to strips. The day before you’re ready to be mummified, dip the sheets in cold coffee to get the right color for the costume. When you’re ready to apply, whip up a paste; made with two tablespoons of flour and one teaspoon of corn syrup. After you have applied ample amounts of cheesecloth to the face, you can start to apply paper towel to face with paste and add touches of gore with a blood-shaded paint. Don’t forget to accent the hollows of your eyes and cheeks with a brown color for that deathly effect.

For women who are looking for something with a bit more substance than the typical “sexy kitten” costume, but still want to take center stage during their Halloween festivities, look no further than the youngsters from Toddlers & Tiaras. This year, it’s easy and trendy to channel your inner Honey Boo Boo. All you’ll need is a poofy dress from your local vintage shop, a crown, some baby socks and a makeshift sash to transform yourself into one of America’s most terrifying 4-year-olds.

Another idea for those of you who want to add a unique spin on an old costume, you can use an idea from our own editor, Leesa, who always adds a vampire bite on to any costume. One year when not wanting to buy yet another costume, but also felt it was too boring to wear the french maid costume again, she added in a vampire bite and some fake blood. And voila! French maid attacked by a vampire!

Regardless of what you’re being for Halloween, it almost always involves some funky makeup. So, instead of choosing a store brand makeup that will clog your pores, making you look like Frankenstein after Halloween, opt for an all-natural option like, Terra Firma’s collection of Halloween face paints, which also includes fake blood paint! Terra Firma has partnered with Green Halloween to provide these bright, high-coverage paints that are safe, non-toxic, and kind to the earth. And for those on a budget, the whole kit is $24.99.

If all else fails, go for the ghost costume. It’s just about the most classic DIY costume in the book!

For some other really great ideas, don’t forget to check out Pinterest! (

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