Pet of the Month: Lucy and Maxine

by Sue Taggart

Name: Lucy and Maxine

Breed: Calico

Age: 5

Size: Let’s say, medium to large

Diet: Yes, we are on a diet

Funny Habit: Maxine sleeps on her back. Lucy loves to own everything by sitting on it.

Favorite Toy: Rubber bands

Adorable Eccentricity: Looking steadily in a human’s eye, indicating that they can’t believe how stupid the human can be and not know that food is needed “NOW”. The cats talk to you, really. You just have to notice it.

Dislikes: We do not like to be touched by hand with unsolicited by them attention.

Funny Story: There are so many. My favorite one- Lucy and Maxine fight for the new box in the house and have cat fights to ensure they are the first one in the new box.

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