Pet of the Month: Buckley

by Guest Writer

Buckley was adopted and from the moment he was brought home he has been playful and full of energy. He can be entertained with his toys, or his favorite – plastic straws – for hours. He loves to be the center of attention and is a very social cat. As soon as someone news comes to visit he wants to be their best friend and will curl up on their lap. For an indoor cat he’s very adventurous and loves to explore, which sometimes gets him into trouble.  He also likes to play hide and seek, but doesn’t always tell us when he’s playing.

Name: Buckley

Breed: Orange Tabby

Age: 1 year

Favorite toy: Plastic straws

Favorite thing to do: Cuddle

Weird habits: Sitting in strange places

Cool tricks: Getting on top of doors

Favorite place to nap: Laps and in his favorite chair

Diet: Purina kitten chow



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